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Our New Paw Palace! Reigate Doggy Daycare

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

It's finally here!

The new doggy daycare office!

Surrey Canine Corner is a 5 star rated Doggy Daycare and Dog training business based in Reigate, Surrey. We hold a 5 star daycare and boarding license from Mole Valley district Council, and have been lucky enough to recently open our brand new doggy daycare facility.

In 2020 my husband Thom and I moved house, and moved the business over with us. We always knew that we wanted to build a new office on the land to run the doggy daycare from, and eventually separate the business from our home. In November 2022 we finally got round to it!

We have been very proactive in renovating in the rest of our house ourselves, and Thom (very) briefly considered the build himself. However, he (very) quickly decided that we should get the professionals in - and I’m so pleased that we did! We had a few quotes from building companies in the area, but we decided to go with Into The Loft LTD, a relatively new company based here in Reigate. We really liked their work ethic, professionalism and combined experience of the team despite the company being new, born in 2019 – and it’s the best decision we’ve made so far since buying our house!

Thom designed the office, which saved us a lot of money on architectural drawings. The build was pretty much spot, bar a few on-the-fly decisions that we had to make along the way regarding cladding and insulation. The size of the office was to be 5m x 3.35m, the perfect size to house our 8 nutty dogs on a daily basis.

Getting the base down was a pretty intense day. The biggest lorry I’ve ever seen somehow managed to drive onto our property, whilst the team moved individual wheelbarrows of liquid concrete (tonnes of the stuff) over to the base. Olive and Daisy signed off this part of the build and were really pleased with the work that was done that day!

The timber frame was secured next, followed by the insulation, waterproofing, electrics, plasterboard and plastering. The weather was absolutely dreadful during this phase of the build, so the windows and door openings had to be tarped up to keep the rain out. The room is so well insulated it is warmer than our actual house - perfect for our pampered daycare pooches!

My hat really does go off to the builders of the UK working outdoors in such rubbish conditions. At one point it felt like a hurricane had arrived over Reigate and the protective gazebo shielding the materials (and the guys!) got completely trashed. Thankfully we got there in the end!

The whole build took around 3.5 weeks. The only real set backs we had were the grim weather and getting the wrong cladding delivered originally. Thom and I also decided to decorate the inside of the office ourselves. In hindsight, we should also have left this to the professionals. However, we did end up saving a reasonable amount doing this despite it taking us about three weeks!

The finished build! We are so thrilled with how it has turned out. We miraculously ended up slightly under budget on this project, which we are incredibly grateful for.

The Finishing Touches

Thom also made some solid wooden steps from the scrap timber left over from the build. We have some little dogs who will benefit from this (and one large human).

We had additional costs of flooring and furniture to take into consideration after the build, but I managed to find some excellent pieces on Facebook marketplace. These second hand items were absolute bargains (and what would be the point in buying brand new stuff for dogs anyway!). The 5 seater leather sofa was free and also delivered to us for nothing, can’t get better than that!

Moving in!

The dogs absolutely love it and so do I! Here are a few photos from the first week in the paw palace!

For more information on our premium doggy daycare please visit We also offer dog and puppy training services. We hold a 5* doggy daycare and boarding license from Mole Valley District Council

Into the Loft Ltd are an East Surrey based construction company that we highly recommend. You can find them here:

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