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Scentwork Training
in Reigate

Scentwork Training for behaviour support and sport

Scentwork helps a dog focus on using their best asset - their nose! It is a hugely rewarding activity for dogs and humans alike. Our bespoke sniffer dog training gives you the option to learn for fun, help your dog grow in confidence, improve your handling skills or to incorporate nosework with behaviour modification training.


We offer 1-2-1 scentwork sessions for sport, but also nosework and freework workshops for dogs who are under the support of clinical animal behaviourists to support rehabilitation processes.


Becki has trained with and is a registered instructor for ScentworkUK

Scentwork 1-2-1 Sessions in Reigate

For dogs of all ages!


By teaching your dog how to search for specific scents, in different environments, they can be taught to find pretty much anything! Dogs have an incredibly powerful sense of smell, which is why they are trained as sniffer dogs to help humans in many areas of work including forensics, search & rescue, medical detection and bomb disposal. Dogs really are amazing, and they love using their noses!


Scentwork is suitable for all breeds, but may be particularly beneficial for those dogs who:

  • Are recovering from an injury or are disabled

  • Are having difficulties with anxiety or reactivity

  • Are in need of a confidence boost

  • Have struggled in or been excluded from class environments 


Becki is a registered scentworkUK instructor


Pricing: 1-2-1 training is charged at a flat rate of £75 per hour

scent detection training
scentwork training

Scentwork Benefits for dogs!


  • Reduces stress levels

  • Lowers heart rate

  • Strengthens bond with handler

  • Intensive brain work

  • excellent enrichment

  • Boredom buster!

  • Confidence booster

  • Gives dogs a job (superb for working breeds)


Scentwork Benefits for humans!


  • Become more in tune with canine body language

  • Work as a team with your dog

  • Improve handling skills

  • Watch your dog excell using their best asset

Some of our dogs in action!

Becki Gude is a fully qualified, professional dog trainer and assistance dog assessor. She is a registered instructor for the ABTC and a full member of the Professional Association of Canine Trainers.

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